Yoga, Pilates & Healing Collective

Thai Massage

Community Clinic - Mancos

THURSDAYS - 2:00 7:30pm

Thai massage, or 'lazy man's yoga,' is traditionally practiced in a community setting. It consists of passive stretching, energy point and line stimulation, traction, muscle compression, joint mobilization and more. Both restorative and rejuvenating, it's one of the most nourishing forms of bodywork you can find. When practiced in community, everyone in the room receives enhanced healing benefits!


  • farmers, ranchers, gardeners
  • bikers, runners, skiers, hikers
  • computer workers, artists
  • drivers and passengers
  • any achy body, head or heart!

Bring your partner or a friend for simultaneous sessions!!
(Best to schedule these.)

Thai Massage at the mancos river studio

Drop-in sessions dependent on availability.
Scheduled sessions available with:

Lisa (970)946-3029
Wendy (541)588-0778


$1 / min (up to 45min)
$54 - 60 min
$75 - 90 min

(Please call any of us with questions!)