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We are proud to offer the Mancos community a beautiful studio to come together and practice Yoga and Pilates. Located at 121 Grand Avenue, The River Studio is a peaceful, professional and beautiful studio which looks out on the Mancos River. We Currently offer Yoga Classes and Pilates Classes. We pride ourselves on offering classes with highly trained, talented teachers. Whether you are brand new to yoga and pilates or a seasoned practitioner, please come join us for a class ~ we welcome you! We look forward to supporting you in your journey in health.

Teachers at the River Studio:

Lily Russo

JOIN LILY IN A 100 HOUR SELF-DISCOVERY YOGA IMMERSION this summer 2017 at The River Studio. For more click here.

Lily Russo, CPTLily Russo (RYT 300) has been practicing yoga most of her life. It has been a tool of transformation, health, and empowerment since her teen years. Her initial practice of yoga asana lead her to study all the other facets including pranayama, meditation, and yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, as well as other influential disciplines, primarily Buddhism, the Tao, and plant medicines. Through these studies she has come to an understanding that all systems of life are intricately interconnected, and practices which lead us to recognize our relations to our higher selves and to all other beings as well as the natural world create a life of harmony.

As a teacher Lily’s goal is to impart her love of these practices on her students, so that they may use them as tools towards achieving mental calm and clarity, as well as physical strength and grace. She attended the Shambava School of Yoga in 2008 for her initial training, and in 2015 completed a Prana Vinyasa training led by Monica Mesa, developed by visionary Yogini Shiva Rea. As a frequent traveler, she’s been blessed to have studied with many incredible teachers around the world. Her teaching style is influenced by Prana Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, and others. She crafts classes based on the needs and abilities of her students, the time of day and year, and her intuition around what is energetically calling for attention in the moment.

Her other work as an independent artist allows her to channel her life force energy built through these practices into colorful works of creation. She is open to all mediums, especially painting, mosaics, ceramics, and textiles. With her husband, she leads Fire Walks, another transformational tool of self empowerment. Lily can be reached at: 847-819-2039 and at her website link here.


Lisa Holz

Lisa Holz, CPTWhen I took my first yoga class in 2007, I was ready for everything to be different. A series of challenging events and life-altering decisions had left me rattled and living on my own in a brand new place. I didn't really know what I was getting into, but soon found myself taking as many classes as I could afford and signed up for a teacher training within a few months. With the discipline of studying and practicing yoga, I transformed in ways I never could have expected. I was immediately drawn to the strength and ease I felt in my body a much deeper sense of understanding, trusting and appreciating my body than I'd ever known, despite being active my entire life. Soon, I recognized a profound shift in my mental and emotional balance moving away from depression and anxiety towards contentment, focus and an almost overwhelming stream of creativity. I also began to explore my spirituality in a way that made sense to me for the first time in my life. Ultimately, yoga has become an ongoing journey in self-awareness, compassion and empowerment.

During my first few years of practice, yoga felt really personal to me. And it is personal! As I step into the role of teacher, I encourage everyone to explore their own experience with curiosity, thoughtfulness and good humor. Yoga is less about what you do and more about how you do it. Building on a strong foundation in anatomy and alignment, I also aspire to offer a window into the deeper, more subtle layers of awareness and connection in my classes.

Off the mat, I am grateful to share Thai massage (also known as 'lazy man's yoga') and Reiki energy healing with clients in my private practice. When I'm not geek-ing out about bodies, you can find me playing with my dog, on a photo shoot or climbing trip with my husband, planning my next adventure and enjoying as much time outside as possible. Lisa can be reached at 907-946-3029

Kim Cox

Kim CoxI was introduced to yoga 25 years ago but it was not until 2010 that I started a consistent practice, one which served as a stress reliever from my busy life as a working Mom with two young children. Yoga along with pranayama and meditation opened a whole new world for me. I was able to quiet my mind and delve into a place of calmness and be present for the first time in my life. I have always been athletic but yoga helped me gain more strength and flexibility than I have ever known as well as a deep appreciation for my body. The yoga philosophies I have learned have resonated with me deeply and have aided in my self- development and spiritual growth. In yoga, you “start where you are” there is no pressure, no competition, you take a small step towards where you want to be which eventually leads to transformation on all levels.

I completed my 200 hour Prana Vinyasa YTT, developed by Shiva Rae and led by Monica Mesa and Lily Russo, in 2016. I am deeply honored to help others find their own quiet centers, opening the mind, body and spirit to all that is, one pose and breath at a time. I am a practitioner of the ancient healing technique of Red Hat Qi Gong and work for the Tribal College Journal, a non-profit magazine that promotes higher education in Indian Country. When not practicing yoga, you will find me hiking in the beautiful canyons of the Four Corners, mountain biking, cross country skiing and hanging out with my family.


Marisa Haga

Marisa HagaMarisa began studying Pilates in her early teens as a method to support and compliment her dance training.  She continued her Pilates study through college and after graduating completed her certification with STOTT Pilates.  She earned her BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington and taught dance and Pilates around the Seattle area for several years before moving back to her home state of Colorado.  In addition to Seattle, Marisa has taught in Ridgway and Telluride Colorado as well as New York City.  

She teaches a comprehensive approach to Pilates that emphasizes biomechanics and alignment, and is passionate about integrating mindfulness into movement.  She often draws upon her studies of Feldenkrais, Laban/Bartenieff and Yamuna Body Rolling to inform her sessions and classes.  She is also a certified Yamuna Body Rolling instructor and finds this muscular release and structural realignment method a great compliment to Pilates and other training modalities.  Currently she co-owes and operates Pilates Durango, a small movement studio in Durango Colorado. where she teaches Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling.  


Wendy Griffin

Wendy Griffin Wendy began her yoga journey in her late 20's after moving to Colorado. She was drawn to yoga initially as a way to strengthen the body but quickly realized the positive effect it had on the mind and spirit. She completed her teacher training in Asheville, NC and has completed advanced training in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Her classes are heart centered and include focusing on the breath and listening to one's own body. She holds a space for others to find the connection between what happens on the mat and what happens in everyday life. Her passions outside of teaching yoga include running, biking, and spending time with her dogs, cats, chickens, donkeys and horses. In addition, Wendy is a co-founder of a horse rescue and the founder of Mountain Girl Herbals, a company that makes creams and salves that are nourishing and healing for the body and soul. She lives in Mancos, Colorado with her animals and husband, Vince. Wendy can be reached at 541-280-1283



Julie Hartline

Julie Hartline I am a yoga nerd. I love breaking down poses, talking alignment, and supporting people to thrive in their bodies and lives. My nerdiness stems from 600+ hours of training as an Anusara yoga teacher. Anusara is a style of yoga that weaves alignment-based instruction with the expansive nature of the heart. And while my roots are in Anusara yoga, over the last nine years I have branched into other yogic concentrations including Yin, restorative, therapeautics (injury-specific instruction), and women-centered practices.

I welcome students to come as they are (beginners to advanced practitioners) and encourage a desire to move deeper into authenticity- body, mind, and spirit. The seat of the teacher is a responsibility I approach with humility and respect. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for this practice with the Mancos community.


Dana Thompson

Dana Thompson Dana Thompson is a lover of nature and avid world traveler who discovered yoga and meditation while working and living on a small farm in New Zealand in 2009. She was immediately drawn to the practice of yoga as a way to connect her mind, body and spirt. It also helped her to realize the interconnectedness of all beings and all of nature. Dana has taken many trips to India, studying various styles of yoga and finally took her yoga teaching training in Nashik, India in 2012. Dana furthered her experience last summer on a four month hike across the Rocky Mountains, which allowed her to truly experience the magic that Mother Earth has to offer. She is also currently studying Buddhism as a way to deepen her understanding.

In addition to teaching yoga classes at private offices in Durango, she has been teaching chair yoga to seniors for four years, as a way to make yoga practice more accessible to those who may have trouble getting on the ground. She loves teaching yoga as a way to help others find connections within themselves, with others and with nature.


Meet the Owner

Katherine Dobson

Katherine Dobson, OwnerKatherine is the founder and manager of The River Studio in Mancos, Colorado. Originally from New England, she moved to Colorado in 1992 and has been on a path of working with people and their bodies ever since. She earned a masters degree in Environmental Education at The Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado and then became a backpack guide in South America.  Along with her deep love of nature and working outside with people, Katherine also loves working with people in their internal world ~ their bodies. She attended massage school and has had a therapeutic massage practice in Durango for 15 years, incorporating deep tissue work and thai massage. 

Having switched careers to Real Estate, Katherine is following her other passion of land, homes and creating beautiful spaces! To contact Katherine about buying or selling a home, please visit her website at

Katherine loves living in Mancos, off the grid, with her husband and big furry dog. She has dreamed of having a place where the community can come together around movement and fitness. She invites you to stop in, say hello, try a class and find the joy of movement! Cheers ~

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