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Class Descriptions


ALIGN YOGA with Julie: 

Through alignment-based yoga instruction, move mindfully into a nurturing and empowering relationship with your practice. This 75-minute class focuses on deepening connection to the breath and body and is appropriate for students of all levels.


This 90 minute class incorporates asanas (postures), pranayam (breath regulation), mudra (hand postures), and mantra (sacred sounds). Also, unique to KY are the kriyas. Kriyas incorporate specifically timed and sequenced postures, pranayam, mudras, and mantras. Because of this comprehensive integration, students not only build flexibility and strengthened nerves, but also emotional balance and mental clarity. This is truly a body-mind-spirit practice. For class: please refrain from eating 1.5 to 2 hours before, bring water and dress comfortably. Come with an open heart. Prepare to relax deeply and to experience enhanced confidence.


PRANA FLOW YOGA with Lily & Kim

This 75-minute classes move with graceful flow. Lily's background in Anusara, Iyengar, Prana Flow, and Ashtanga give her a wide variety of tools to teach from. Her classes are spirited, challenging, and reverent. Lily will support you in deepening your yoga practice by challenging you in mind, body and spirit. Intermediate level and beyond. Kim teaches Prana Flow style as well and was part of Lily's Teacher Training Program. She deeply honored to help others find their own quiet centers, opening the mind, body and spirt to all that is, one pose and breath at a time.  These classes are intermediate level classes.

COMMUNITY YOGA with Rotating Teachers:

This 75 minute class is taught by Prana Flow teachers who completed their teacher training in 2016. The class is for all levels and is an offering for the community. Donation based. All levels.


AMRIT YOGA with Silvia:

This class is aimed at releasing mental and emotional blocks that can be held in different areas of the body and as stagnant energy in the chakras. After some warm ups, the class focuses on holding postures with props, deep breathing, and guided meditation to promote integration of body, mind, and spirit. All levels are welcome.



This 60-75 minute class will begin with gentle, repetitive movements to awaken and warm the body, followed by grounding postures designed to link breath to movement. Next, students will be encouraged to drop into a state of deep relaxation by melting into yin inspired supportive and therapeutic postures. The use of soothing music, props, hands on-assist, massage and long holds will draw the practitioner into a whole body sensory experience.  A wonderful way to restore, refill and recharge. All levels welcome.



CHAIR YOGA with Carol:

Explore yoga postures and strengthen muscle groups while fully supported both sitting and standing. Carol’s background in nursing, bodywork and yoga can help identify and release held restrictions. This 60 minute class will reverently and joyfully connect or re-connect you to your body, mind and spirit through deep stretches, breath work and meditation. All levels, and all abilities welcome!


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